Decentralized cloud storage that actually works



Datum Storage runs on the Datum Network, a decentralized and secure data store.

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Data is end-to-end encrypted, and you hold the key.

Smart Scan

Easy to use

Datum Drive adds a virtual hard disk to your computer that works just like any other folder.

Datum Storage on Mobile

Datum Storage accounts are attached to your Datum Identity, ensuring that you – and you alone – control access to your data.

Use the Datum ID app and your Datum Identity to:

  • Sign up for Datum Storage
  • Generate access credentials for your favorite S3-compatible applications
  • See how much space you've used
  • Earn more storage by sharing with your friends

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Buy More Space

Datum Storage gives you one free terabyte of space for the first year, but soon you'll be able to add as much additional storage as you need. Pay just US$3.99 per terabyte per month.

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